November 2nd, 2012. Cape Town, South Africa.

November 2nd, 2012. Cape Town, South Africa.

Welcome to my site.

The site is maintained and updated irregularly by Jack Meng (jackm81@hotmail.com).


Mini Bio

Jack was born in Zhengzhou, China in 1981.  As a single child of his family, he often figure things out himself.

Moved to Shenzhen with parents in 1990, he went to local school until 1999, learned Cantonese during that period.

He went to the UK for study since 1999, stayed in Cambridge and Sheffield until 2005.  Got himself a computer science degree from Sheffield Uni and a little work experience.

He spent another few years in Shenzhen until 2013.  He got himself some more work experience, met his wife,  having a wonderful daughter and some housing loans.

Then he decided for some changes so went to Shanghai and live in Shanghai ever since, climbing his career ladder daily, in which has nothing to do with photography.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar, loves sport, and shooting pictures with his Huawei phone, Nikon D7200 (kit 18-200mm lens) and a compact size camera Fujifilm x100f. 

There are many incredibly talented photographers out there, the below individuals particular inspires him and transform his view of photography:

  • Ted Frobes (http://tedforbes.com/)

  • Tony & Chelsea Northrup (http://sdp.io)

  • Sean Tucker (http://www.seantucker.photography)

  • Kaiman Wong (http://www.kaimanwong.com)

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